upgrade wheels or frame??

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I have around £1000 to upgrade my road bike. The bike has good quality components, an alloy frame with carbon stays and Shimano entry level wheel set. Do I spend the grand on a frame upgrade or wheel upgrade? My main focus is to go faster not necessarily for longer distances.


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    short answer...

    In my opinion, wheels and tyres.

    Spending a grand on wheels would be excessive though I expect for what you want. Not knowing how you ride, what the terrain is like and how much you wieght its hard to suggest :)

    Long answer....

    is there anything wrong with your current bike?

    What frame and groupset do you have now?

    Maybe a PX carbon frame and a good deal on wheels, such as the fulrum 1s for 399. (should be 750), switch the rest over..... (i'm not a major fan of px framesf mind you, but its just a suggestion)

    Maybe upgrading the brakes as well (one of the first things I did)

    Buying some biking clothes (I strugged through my first winter in running kit, then discovered you do get what you pay for :S)

    I reaalise the longer answer isnt directly at your question
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    px nano light plus some of there 50mm wheels. both for a grand
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    Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels (about 400), Pro-Lite Braccianos (under 200) if you're on a budget. Both are 1500g and will make a big difference.
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    I've just fitted Shimano RS80s to replace my RS10s and they are great and can be had for around 300 quid. Total weight saving (including Conti GP4000s in place of Gatorskins) was over a kilo - which is a lot on rotating parts. The ride is lovely.
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  • +1 for going for the wheels. Don't forget the tyres and tubes too, as they'll make a difference in it all. Reducing rotating weight makes a big improvement, but if you're of a larger build (as I am these days...) don't go for mad light wheels as they'll flex and you'll be always worried about hitting potholes. The Ksyriums work very well for me and seem a good mix of low weight and durability. If you're a whippet though - fill yer boots with some silly light ones! :D
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    Wheels. Go for something medium quality, reasonable weight and good strength and they'll do wonders for ride quality and performance.