Ribble road bike identification: 7005 or Deda EM2?

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Recently bought a 2nd hand Ribble aluminium road bike. Can anyone tell me how I can tell if it's the 7005 or the Deda EM2 tubing?



  • rolf_f
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    Phone Ribble with the frame number?
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  • I recently bought an EM2 . It has the deda blacktail 2 carbon rear stays , not sure if its available on the 7005 ?
    Ribble quote less than a kilo for an EM2 frame (raw materials weight) . They must use some heavy welds, paint etc as mine was 1250g in a small size. Still good for the money though.
  • Monty Dog
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    EM2 is a heat-treated alloy and will feel pretty thin in comparison to 7005 which is usually far more robust. Can you flex the walls of the downtube by hand?
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  • That's the confusion - both the 7005 and the Deda EM2 come in all combinations of sloping/horizontal and carbon seat stays/alu seat stays. Mine has the carbon seat stays.

    It's not a particularly light bike, considering it has carbon forks/stays. As for flexing the frame - judging by how unforgiving the bike is to ride over even slightly uneven road, flexing seems unlikely. The tubing is a kind of 3 sided 3d profile, rather than traditional round tubes.

    Haven't got the position fully dialed in yet, and need to try it out with road pedals and stiffer shoes (rather than spds and cheap shimano shoes), but pretty pleased with it.
  • I can`t flex the tubing on my EM2 frame. Knowing my luck i would give it a press in only to find it didn`t pop back out. As it was only about £230 in a sale for the frame its fine as my second bike .
  • No one will tell the difference between EM2 and 7005 through conjecture.