Battery Powered Turbo Trainers?

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Are there turbo trainers available that don’t need to be plugged into the mains to give you wattage, speed etc. Ones that run on batteries, an internal dynamo etc?




  • sungod
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    if you get a 'dumb' trainer, you can use a standard cycle computer to give you cadence, heart rate, equivalent speed etc.

    for power you'd need to have a powermeter, or know the power curve for the turbo so that you can convert equivalent speed to power

    i.e. for the kurt kinetic road machine the power curve is given by...

    p = (5.244820) * s + (0.01968) * s^3

    p power
    s speed (mph)

    ...then you can make a table of speed vs. power

    if you get a kurt turbo, they also do a cycle computer that calculates power from this curve, as well as heart/speed/cadence etc., same computer can also be used on the road (no valid power reading then of course)
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    there is the Bushido from Tacx that does not need to be plugged in. It powers itself of your pedalling. the remote heat unit is wireless so I presume that has batteries though.

    like most tacx units (I have an iMagic, also used a borrowed fortius and a flow) the wattage does not match a Power meter such as a power tap. Repearable though if you make sure the tyre pressure is always the same, same amount of turns when engaging the tyre etc...

    The bushido isnt cheap though
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