Going round and round in wheels

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So I'm in the process of buying bits for my R3 build. Obviously have got the frame and have decided on SRAM Red and have got 3T finishing kit so it's now the turn of the wheels.

I have a budget of around £550 max and was planning on getting some Fuerte Bici 60mm carbon clinchers for £499. But now I'm wondering if that is the right choice.

I will be using the bike for best and for racing on. So I think I have the following options:

1) Get the Fuerte Bici wheels.

2) Get some Planet X Model B's for training and get some other wheels for around £400 for racing

3) Get some decent good all round wheels, e.g Dura Ace CL Clincher.

And now I have thought about it so much I don't know what to do :(

So I thought I would turn to the forum gods for help :lol:
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  • Get the fulcrum racing 3 from planet X
  • trailstar
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    get the fulcrum racing one from planet x... not the threes :-)
  • Didn't see them. - good choice.
  • rozzer32
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    Thanks for the inputs but the Racing 1 is out of stock.

    Also the weight of the Racing 3's is around the same as the 60mm carbon clinchers so surely it would be better to get them because they will be more aero for the same weight?
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