Cassette ratio choice

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Cassette ratio.....

Im currently on 25/12 which is great for incremental changes through the block but I missed a higher gear on the descents and a lower gear on the steep ramps in the pyrenees. I am therefore looking at 28/11 but am not sure whether this will be horrible in terms of big steps in the middle of the block (17 to 15, 19 to 22 and 22 to 25).

The ratios are:



Can anybody running the 28/11 block on a compact put my doubts at rest? My only other option would be 26/11 but looking at sheldon brown i dont think the one tooth extra will help much on the climbs.


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    Do you really need the 11 ? I cant believe you're spinning out on your 12 ? At those speeds you may as well just let gravity do it for you.
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    I love my 11! That extra bit of grunt down the hill is so much fun. I'd spin out at a shade over 42mph with my 50 ring on a 12. 11 gives you 3-4 mph more.

    FWIW, I like the steps in the 11-28 vs the 12-25. It does need to be hilly to use that range though. For most UK rides, I'd have thought a 12-25 would be better.
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