Unbranded wheel bags

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as per the title - does anyone know if these are available anywhere?


  • Thepole
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    have seen some on ebay not unbranded but have www.fatbirds.co.uk on them and some with just ozzo on them, never heard of ozzo,
  • Chrissz
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    Ozzo - they used to make various budget bits of clothing and stuff years ago. Up until recently I had a set of Ozzo neoprene overshoes (very warm) and some Ozzo winter gloves (bulky but warm). There stuff (as i remember) is pretty reasonable in design and quality. I'd be quite happy with wheel bags from them.
  • If your looking for reasonably priced wheel bags I just bought a couple of double wheel bags from Edinburgh Bicycle Coop. They do their own ones red with Revolution on them, they are well padded and do the job well. They are normally £25 but at the moment there's a 20% off sale.
  • Thanks for the replies everyone - I've gone for a couple of the Revolution ones.

    I did also get a quote from a company through Alibaba - $30 for a plain black double bag which was great, but shipping costs of $80 ruled them out.