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grip removal and refit

leighton 2303leighton 2303 Posts: 12
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im new to mtbing and not sure if this as been covered so please excuse if it as, fitted new handlebars on bike today, with new richey grips but have i been a golfing nut for a few years, and changed my golf grips many times for myself and many others, i tried the same method of fitting my bike grips and it worked well, what i did to remove old grips, got the smallest allen key pushed it between grip and bar, then pulled slightly and used squirty gun with white spirit into grip moved about and pulled it off. then repeated the opposite squirted spirit inside new grip, offered the grip on alligned it in place left few hours and stuck solid, only difference with golf clubs i use double sided grip tape to get it to stick
hope this helps


  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    That sounds fine,I use hair spray when sticking the grips.On saying that I have been using lock ons for a while.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    When using non lock-on's I use the technique used by most car manuafcturers for fitting rubber hoses, use very concentrated liquid soap, just a drop of water, it allows it to slide on nice and easy, the soap goes sticky to hold it in place, but to get it off you just need a little water in there and it softens and allows it to slip off again.

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  • People advocating anything but non-water-soluble adhesives to attach regular grips must live in places where it never rains.

    Renthal Grip Glue FTW.
    John Stevenson
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