Van Nicholas Euros Wheel Clearance

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Happy New Year everyone.

Thinking about treating myself to a Ti frame before the spring. The VN Euros is high up the list mainly due to the geometry, price and also because a dealer (Fat Birds) is not too far from me. However, the description says that it has clearance for medium size tyres which immediately throws up an issue in that I may not be able to fit Crud Road Racers.

It's an issue because it will probably have to be both my winter and summer bike. Any VN owners know if it will take the Cruds?

Alternative brand frames will be considered and I really like the look of Enigma and Planet X albeit a bit more expensive. I don't want to go the Audax/Tourer route. Anyone know if these will take Cruds, or alternatives that will?
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    Hi, i fitted Cruds to my Euros with 25mm tyres.
    Only problem was a bit of rubbing due to muck building up in-between the tyre and guard.
    Other than that they fitted OK.
    23mm tyres would probably give a bit more clearance though.
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