2010 Madone 4.9 v 2011 Madone 5.2

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I'm looking to buy a new road bike primarily for sportive use. I'm starting to narrow in on the Trek Madone and came across what looks like a good deal on a 2010 Madone 4.9 (spec here - http://www.trekbikes.com/uk/en/bikes/20 ... /madone49e). However if I spend about £500 more I could get a 2011 Madone 5.2 (spec here - http://www.trekbikes.com/uk/en/bikes/ro ... e/madone52). I'm no expert but it looks like the 4.9 has better components on it ( a mix of ultegra and dura ace, better wheels etc...). But I guess the real difference is in the frame between the bike? Could anyone explain what the difference in frame will be and importantly which you would go for and why? Luckily the £500 isn't an issue for me (but I don't want to spend unnecessarily...).

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    I think it used to be the case that Madones 5+ were OCLV carbon (made in the US) and Madones less than 5 were TCT carbon (so made in Taiwan probably). But judging by the specifications you linked to the 2011 Madone 5.2 is TCT carbon too.

    The frame is probably a bit stiffer and lighter and has bb90 and internal cable routing but IMO the 2011 5.2 has less of a difference to justify the price increase over the 2010 4.9 than the 2010 5.2 would have done...if that makes sense?
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    you could upgrade the 4.9 to full durace for less than £500, hell a good LBS may even upgrade the wheels as well for £500
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  • Give Mike Vaughan cycles a call, they have some 2009/10 durace equiped madonnes left at good discounts, if you want some changes made to the spec they will usually oblige.


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    I changed from an aluminium Trek to an OCLV 2010 5.2.....although there is some improvement in ride of the frame, stiffer, less harsh etc...it is a % improvement rather than a multiple.....
    When I evaluated the change, I never really considered the TCT carbon of the 4 series, as I felt I wanted a frame as a base I could work around and maybe upgrade wheels etc.

    Personally, I would buy a decent ali Trek with carbon forks, rather than the lower spec carbon bike ........

    I appreciate this will be shot down on the forum, but i am only speaking from personal experience, which has limited value on the internet! :D
  • i would go for the frame first and then spec up so go for the 5.2 as the cables are internal routed now very cool.

    all the madone frames (2011) now are made in taiwan. i have the 2010 5.9 the frame is mint. the rest of the bike is to be fair the 5 is made with olcv black carbon where as the 4 is just regular and the 6 being olcv red hope this helps but i have never regreted for one min getting my trek.