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Brake advice please - Tiagra problems following pad change

FfluffFfluff Posts: 282
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Hi All

Noob road fettler alert..

Changed the pads on my 2007 Allez (Tiagras) and can't now for the life of me get the set up working as before. I seem to have introduced a combination of 2 funadamental problems that weren't there before:

1. Lever pulls all the way into the bar
2. Pads don't return off the rim once brake is applied

Playing with the barrell adjuster (seemingly turning it all the way out so most of the thread is exposed) means that I can overcome one or the other issue but I'm not getting the perfect feel as I had previously - can anyone point me in the right direction here please?



  • First problem sounds like the brake cable needs adjusting (too slack).
    Second problem could be to do with a sticky brake cable (if it is 3 years old, may have corroded).

    Probably nothing to do with the pad change, but I would take the cable off and re-grease, the refit. Worst case, new cable.
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  • Excellent, many thanks Peter - looking at the front cable too, it seems both are past their best - new cables it is then!

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