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Very newbie question about tubeless

karlstkarlst Posts: 6
edited December 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all, right, im just trying to get all my bits together slowly ready for the 2011 xc/trail riding season.
obviously im gonna need different types of tyres, but what is this tubeless all about?

i have recently bought a trek 6300 2010 black, i have not tried taking the tyres off yet but i think they have tubes in, what exactly will i need if i get tubless tyres? whats the pro's and con's of tubeless?

will my bontrager ranger wheels take tubless tyres?

lots of questions but i really cant get my head round it!
thanks in advance


  • The 2011 season? Does that run from 1st jan to 31st december?!

    Ok. What tyres has your bike got on at the mo? They may be fine. Where do you ride? What conditions?

    Bontrager mud x tyres are very popular for wet muddy conditions that will probably persist for a good while. On the other hand, if you ride trail centres these tend to be well drained and you may get away with other less mud orientated tyres. I'm using a maxxis hi roller up front and an ignitor on the back but Cannock ftd is well drained.

    Tubeless. Not sure if your wheels are tubeless ready. If they were they would probably be boasting that somewhere on them. If they aren't never fear. You can buy a kit from stans that will do the job. Contains rim strips, valves and sealant. You can use regular tyres but tubeless ready may be better for you.

    Why do you want to go tubeless? Punctures? Want to ride real low pressures? Weight? Tinkering? All are perfectly good reasons!

    If you do decide to do it watch the YouTube stans video and do a search on here for tips.
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