What bike?

Elliot Ross
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Hi all

Hope everyone had a great xmas

Anyway im looking for my 1st road bike

I need something with good parts but at a good price

Max is about 700 however i might be able to go a bit higher if it is worth it!

Cheaper the better but i dont want to sacrifice good parts!!!

Any ideas??



  • IanT187
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    2 good options would be the Trek 1 series or the Specialised Allez. However I would say it really does depend on a lot of things - do you want to put panniers or mudguards on it, what sort of riding will you be doing etc.
    It is a very broad question
    You should however check out the sticky thread at the begining of this forum :D
  • Sorry, but the question is similar to "how long is a piece of string".

    What do you want to do with a road bike? A race, or sportive or just fitness and training?
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