Upgrade,,,,,,Carbon Wheels or Aluminium Wheels ???

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Hi All :D , I'm about to spend some of my hard earned cash on new wheels (belated xmas pressie to myself) and was wondering what would be best suited for my needs. Most of my rides are climbing hills but occasionally 80+ mile rides,,, I'm willing to spend up to £1200 ,,,,Any suggestions would be appreciated !!!!


  • Its not really about whether they are carbon or alu, moreover what they are designed to do. Aero, Lightweight etc...I'd go aluminum, even the professionals do not train on carbon wheels.

    You could get some top notch hubs and very light rims handbuilt from wheelsmith for about £600.
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    I ve always ridden on alloy rims, until recently, when i put some Reynolds Assaults on my AR1. I like them, very much. So much i now have some dv46t's for comps. I went carefull s/h route, low miles & mint, and got a pretty good deal on both sets. My alloys are Eurus, which got me round the Marmotte in good shape, so are decent wheels. The carbon Reynolds (assaults) in comparison feel very light, hence responsive, climb well, very well in fact. Also there are some good deals on them at pbk at the moment. They are absolutely fine for training and racing, though if i feel like giving myself a hard time i put my Rolf Vector Pro's on, they are hard work after running decent wheels, i'd never realised how inefficient they were! I did consider several brands, ie Zipp, too many negative tales, Mavic, just seemed to be superficial, lightweight, too much £££, Fulcrum, Boras, etc, but i know i made a good choice with the Reynolds.

    Happy shopping!
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    Take a look at the DT Swiss 1450 or Easton EA90 SLX. Both are alu and should leave you plenty of change from £1200 to maybe get some carbon bars, new fork etc. I upgraded to the Eastons from my bike's stock Bontrager Race wheels and there was a significant difference in weight, smoothness etc.
  • I run with a set of Easton EA 90 SLX and they are a very fine set of wheels, not considered anything else as they work fine on both short fast runs and 100m+ fun rides. I will get Easton every time.
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    For training I would either go handbuilt in aluminium, or good factory wheels like Campag Neutron which you can pick up at good prices now, or one of Mavic's models, Aksium etc. I personally wouldn't spend 1200 quid on training wheels.

    If you ever want a second pair of training wheels I have to recomment Planet X's excellent Model Bs at around 100 quid - quiet, smooth and reliable.
  • Campag neutron ultra are very good as are Zipp clinchers. If just for riding on your own then go for whatever you prefer and will last based on your weight and usage. If for racing, but something you can afford to replace. Handbuild wheels are worth looking into also - someone like Pete Matthews will build a pair that will last for a long time.
  • agree with PAUL , I recently purchased carbon reynolds assaults as well and dont have one thing to complain about with them , by far best wheel i.ve ever had . Each to their own though...... good luck choosing
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    There is an attractiveness to doing all you training on a pair of lightweight, aero carbon wheels - those lightweight wheels make the miles pass quicker and easier. The downside is that they're not as robust and if they do go wrong, it's gonna be expensive! If only every ride was on smooth ribbons or tarmac with the sun on your back, unfortunately the reality is rain-sodden and potholed roads which eat tyres and carbon rims for breakfast. For £1200 you could buy a pair of top-quality handbuilts e.g. Wheelsmith and a pair of carbon hoops from Planet-X and still have enough money left for tyres and tubs.
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  • Thanks for the helpful advice,,,,,Some useful suggestions,,,,,Got me thinking Now !!! :o