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Rock Shox Recon 335 OEM - Adjusting Travel?

philseparationphilseparation Posts: 6
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My first post on Bikeradar and i hope someone can help.

I have a RockShox Recon 335 Solo Air fork that came with my Giant Trance x5 2009. It is 120mm, however, on the side it has a guide for setting air pressures and it states PSI for 80, 100 and 130mm. This suggests to me the fork is capable of going to 130mm. Does anyone know if this is true or have they done this themselves? I believe this was a fairly common OEM fork in 2009! I assume I would just need to remove an internal spacer. The exposed stanchion is pretty much 130mm as well.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    open it up and see if there is a spacer in it to remove to increase the travel. or did you get some spacers with it to reduce the travel?

    OE stuff can be anything and can vary from maker to maker.

    download the service info to see how to get into it.
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  • This is the thing. Everything I look up seems to suggest the 335 is a 80 - 130mm fork but all OE 335's seem to be 120mm. I guess its probably easiest to take the thing apart and have a look.

    I was planning on putting a 140mm fork on this bike and put the recon on my hardtail as its current fork is knackered. But if this goes to 130mm i might as well just get a 100mm xc jobby for the hardtail. Need to do it before the VAT goes up as well ideally!
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