what winter socks?

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getting ready for first ride back on bike and need some socks which will keep feet nice and warm. after going through the forum i see these two seem most highly recommended, so wondered which is the best?



  • Monty Dog
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    Woolie Boolies would be my choice - I've finally worn a pair through after 5 years, doing all sorts of stuff including biking, running, walking and inline skating.
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  • Monty Dog
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    ...and there's no need to SHOUT!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Woolie Boolies
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  • Tried both and would go for the woolie boolie for warmth
  • Def Woolie bullies, had mine for 4 years still look as new.very warm,have also been using them with my wellies in the snow weather,they make a big difference to normal socks.
  • KulaBen
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    Really like my Woolie Boolies, so much so I bought some for my brother and brother in law for christmas. Anyone else find they needed to go up a size though?
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    Monty Dog wrote:
    ...and there's no need to SHOUT!

    sorry, what did you say?? :lol:

    didnt realise i had put it in caps :oops:
  • Woollie Boolies all the way, had mine on today on the MTB, fell off twice on ice lurking in puddles, two pucyures and lost a water bottle, feet were nice and warm though, might but a pair for my hands cos they were bloody frozen.
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  • giant_man
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    Wonderful warm and welatively wonderful woolie boolies!!
  • mrushton
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    Had the Prendas ones on today, good socks but the WBs are the best out there for the money.
  • redvision
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    cheers fellas, mind is made up - woolie boolies it is!
  • ben16v
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    been impressed with my sealskninz socks recently in the snow and on the bike water proof and windproof and merino lined seems a good combination
    i need more bikes
  • giant_man
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    Sealskinz I have had and didn't like, basically no socks in the winter are as good as Woolie Boolies ...
  • ALaPlage
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    Woolie Boolies all the way for warmth however if you have road shoes I would recommend over shoes too. They keep out the wet including roadspray when your out on wet roads but its not raining and of course when you inevitably do get caught in a downpour. They will help keep the tootsies warm too when combined with a good sock like the aforementioned WB's as it stops the wind chill coming through the shoe.
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    Woolie Boolies - but mine shrank in the wash
  • Nuggs
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    Forget what everyone else is saying. I would recommend a pair of Woollie Boolies
  • LEWIS KIT - Merino wool socks are brilliant and very comfortable, especially if you cannot manage a thick pair of socks. The only negative bit is they are a bit short.

    Also their base layer is the best bit of winter kit I have bought.

    Sometimes they have special offers which is when I bought mine.