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Sheared Mavic spoke nipple

wintonBwintonB Posts: 3
edited December 2010 in Workshop
The spoke was creaking. The spoke nipple was seized tight and the metal key with extra pressure made things worse.

What is the best way to remove this broken Mavic nipple? Cut the spoke, and try the smallest screw extractor I can find?



  • Cut the spoke and it should just drop out. They are not an integral part of the rim. Careful you don't drop it in the box section.
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  • Aren't those nipples on the spoke. Like this.

    You'd need to buy a new spoke surely? :?
  • You have broken the nipple because you didn't remove the Tracomp Ring before attempting to turn the nipple. :(
    The Tracomp Ring is in the hub and locks all the spokes in place.
    You would need a new Tracomp Ring as they cannot be reused and obviously a spoke.
    The old spoke can be cut out and the nipple removed with a thread extractor.
    All the parts are dirctly available from Mavic.
    Just remember to replace spoke, true wheel and lastly install the Tracomp Ring. :D
  • Whiteline: Yes. The nipple thread is external not internal.

    William Wark : There is no adjustment at the hub. I should have said the wheels predate the Tracomp ring.

    Anyway, the screw extractor head snapped in the seized nipple - should have drilled it. :cry:
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