Front Light Magicshine 836

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A friend is selling their 836 Magicshine for about £60. Is it worth a punt? It has hardly been used. Planned use is for my road bike on unlit roads. Many thanks.
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    ive used the previous version which you can have shipped over from china for 50 quid, or get in the uk for around 85....

    comparing it against some lumicycle LEDs and HIDS and a Lupine HID, it is not as brite as it claims, but stikl great value.

    The new version has a better battery for the british weather... more waterproof I understand which has been an issue with two of my club mates batteries for these lights..

    to be honest 50 sounds a better option since I presume there is no warranty and it is second hand?

    As much light as some lights 3-4 times the cost, but the build quiality isnt as good (mind you this version could be better)

    worth a punt imho
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  • Only thing with the magicshine is it's not really for road use. Even on a low setting you're going to dazzle anyone coming towards you. I commute along a very long, straight unlit road and I frequently have a guy dazzle me from about half a mile away! At least you'll be seen I guess, but it's not plesant riding towards it.
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  • great light and exceptional value
    all batteries have a "life", they will only be good for a number of recharge cycles
    my advice is to buy a new one from DXfor less money, well worth the wait rather than buying a used one.