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How much will this change my angles?

ExTrEmE BiKeRExTrEmE BiKeR Posts: 149
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I recently changed from a zero stack headset to a regular one (FSA big fat pig 1.5) when I went from a 1 1/8th fork to a 1.5. Both forks have the same axle to crown length so I figure the new fork won't be doing anything to change the angles but what I really want to know is how much the new headset will be slackening out my ride. A degree? A tenth of a degree maybe? Anything noticeable?Its a DH bike so I was hoping it slackened it out a little bit more


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    so by how much is the stack height changed?
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    You might find this helpful:
  • The big fat pig has a stack height of 29.5mm and the previous headset was a zero stack so I'm assuming it had no stack height at all?
  • jj1048jj1048 Posts: 107
    So with your old headset was the bearing inside the head tube (that's what zero stack usually means) as it seems odd to change to an external bearing on the same bike.

    The stack height you've quoted for the pig is the total for the top and bottom cups; only the bottom cup will have an effect on the geometry.
  • Well with this headset the bottom cup protrudes exactly 1cm more from the bottom of the headtube than my old one. The reason I had to get an external bearing headset is because I couldn't find a 1.5" zero stack headset on sale and I had a 1.5" fork I needed to put on
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    The general rule is that a 1 inch increase in the axle-to-crown length is roughly equal to a 1 degree slacker head-angle. So basically you're looking at half a degree slacker at most.
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