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"grit" sound from stem / steerer

russellorussello Posts: 102
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My Giant has developed a "grit" sound, which seems to be coming from the steerer.

The sound is only made when I turn the bars from left to right.

After undoing and dropping the forks I did notice what felt like sand/grit on the steerer.

A quick clean, grease and reassembly seemed to do the trick for one ride, but the noise is back, and even louder.

Any ideas, as it driving me mad !



    Sounds like you need a new headset to me :wink:
  • russellorussello Posts: 102
    Thanks ADIHEAD.

    I'm new to road bikes, should this happen after only 2,000 miles on a new bike?
    It can, especially if it's been ridden in bad weather, not greased properly from new, washed with a pressure washer or had water displacement liquid in it?

    The better quality the headset, the longer it will last also. Some manufacturers fit quite cheap ones on lower end bikes to save cost, although you don't say which model you have.
  • i had this on a fairly low end alloy frame with an fsa cartridge headset. I took the cartridge out, gave it a wipe down with a cloth lightly sprayed in WD40, likewise the internal faces of the headtube and forks, and hey presto - no more gritty noise! might work?
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    Had this on the Rusty Raleigh (15 yo) last year. Turned it upside down, shoved in some grease, noise went away and hasn't come back yet..
    Took it from original post he'd already cleaned an greased it though?
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    What, we're not expected to actually read other people's posts are we?
    bompington wrote:
    What, we're not expected to actually read other people's posts are we?
    LMFAO sure, we're blokes arn't we, so we never read any more than we can get away with :lol:
  • russellorussello Posts: 102
    Found the censored !

    Stripped and re-greased the steerer again and whilst the forks were on the floor, i noticed the noise again.

    Turns out it is the front and rear mech cables rubbing either side of the downtube where they are stripped bare, in the sort of rubber grommit thing.

    No wonder the noise happened when the bars were turning. DOH!

    I assume a quick strip of the cable casing and lube should do the trick.....

    Thanks - Russ
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