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headset fitting

Tom_BathTom_Bath Posts: 8
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I have a 2011 Orange Five frame, which has a tapered head tube. I'm trying to fit a Fox Float RL 32 fork (which has a 1.5 inch straight steerer) but I'm having trouble finding a suitable headset. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks a lot,



  • I am not sure that's even possible. You need a headset that squeezes a bearing into the space between a 38mm OD steerer tube and a 41mm ID head tube. I can't find anyone who lists such a beast.

    What you need is a tapered fork to go with your tapered head tube, and a headset to match.
    John Stevenson
  • but if the headset was one which placed the bearing outside the headtube (like a traditional one) then that should be okay...?
  • and if you look at the Orange website and look at the specs for a Five Pro, the float 32 RL is there
  • jj1048jj1048 Posts: 107
    Tom_Bath wrote:
    and if you look at the Orange website and look at the specs for a Five Pro, the float 32 RL is there

    That's because the float 32 is available with a 1.5 straight steerer, a 1.125 straight steerer or a 1.5 - 1.125 tapered steerer.

    The one for your bike is the tapered steerer, or you could fit a 1.125 straight steerer with an adapter.
  • The spec lists a Fox 32 Float RL 140mm 15QR TS - the TS stands for Tapered Steerer.

    It might be possible to make an external headset that did this, but nobody does. Why would they? Most headsets are sold to bike manufacturers and if they specify a tapered head tube, they specify a tapered steerer to go with it.

    Exactly why are you trying to cram these parts together?

    Sorry, but I think you need a new fork.
    John Stevenson
  • Unfortunately the steerer on those forks is too big for the headtube on the frame. You need a fork with either a tapered or 1.1/8 steerer.
  • thanks everyone

    looks like a new fork is the only way - number 1 on the 'worst case scenario' list!

    thanks again

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