Dawes Sportif Comp or Kona Honky Tonk

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I am looking to buy a steel road bike and looking through local dealers came across both of these. The Dawes was £400 and the Kona was £420 but included the same set of sks mudguards the dawes comes with. They both have 18 speed sora drivetrains and steel frames and forks nothing particularly special but just something to commute on. The Dawes was in a 57cm frame size and a the kona was a 56cm also. They are both ex display models and have no damage aesthetically. I know they are both made in Taiwan and just wondered which was better in other people's opinions as I can't really find much ground to differenciate them on. Both models felt fairly comfortable and the riding position on both was not too aggressive.




  • Valy
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    I like the look of the Kona more.
  • simon_e
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    I rather fancy the skinny-tubed retro Kona myself, and £420 is a great price.

    Will they let you try either with a little spin around a car park or perhaps have a run on a turbo?
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  • mroli
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    My mate has got the Kona as his first "road bike" and is well happy with it - it also got good marks recently in the magazines AND will cost a lot more next year! Don't think you can go wrong really.....
  • Chris James
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    I have a 2006 Dawes Audax, which is similar but slightly higher specced than the Sportif (631 not 520 frame, 105/Tiagra instead of Sora).

    The geometry is the same though - and feels sprightly but the long chainstays also smooth the ride nicely.

    Anyway, my Audax has been a great bike, practical with separate bosses for panniers and guards, but also very stiff with the diamond shaped downtube, so pretty good for fast club runs (despite the weight).

    I don't much like the aesthetics of the Kona forks personally, but otherwise the bikes are pretty similar.
  • Chris James
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    Incidentally, the description of the Dawes is a bit misleading as my frame has quite a long top tube (57cm for the 57m frame) making it more like a winter trainer whereas the Kona lis shorter (55cm for 56cm frame) and has a slacker head tube angle more like a cross bike.

    So I would buy whichever fit you better.