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two juicy3 questions...

shefbikershefbiker Posts: 255
edited December 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
my juicy 3's are in need of an overhaul, but i can replace them for less than the service kit.
my first question - i currently run 160mm IS, but i can get a deal on 185mm post mount. Am i right in thinking that the calipers are the same, it's just the adaptor which makes is IS or PM? so if i buy the PM set, i cna just bolt the caliper to my existing adaptor setup?
My second question is does anyone know the difference between 2007 juicy 3 and 2009 juicy 3? is there a difference?


  • Yes all you will need to do is use your existing mounts, i have had to do the same, i too could get a new set cheaper than to fix mine, when mine had sticky pistons.
    There is no noticeable difference between years, i replaced my 07's with 09's and they are exactly the same.

  • mattvmattv Posts: 992
    Yes, they all appear the same. If you are looking at replacing them, perhaps try a different brand of brake? You have had one set need a major overhaul, maybe try something else?
  • Agree with the above, some of the deals on CRC are too good to miss. I got a set of elixers for £120 iirc
  • mattvmattv Posts: 992
    Errrm, different brand is better. Elixirs and Juicys are both by Avid and both prone to similar "issues".
  • All brakes after a while will need a complete overhaul. Bleed and new pads are needed on every brakeset once n a while, so if that's what you mean, no need to change them.
  • thanks for all the replies. this is on my commuter, so i just want to get it sorted for minimal cost, and certainly minimal effort!
    by way of overhaul, a bleed won't do it - it needs new seals all round, which will cost rather more in parts than £35 for a complete new set - peculiarly.
    it's really annoying how much Avid charge for a set of tiny rubber washers! otherwise i would certainly be stipping them down and rebuilding them.
    thanks again for your replies. this forum is an excellent sounding board.
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