Wheel Upgrade!


  • ajb72
    ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    It would be the Mavic's for me.

    On a purely aesthetic level I think they are the best looking wheelset on your shortlist! On a more practical note they are a doddle to service if you like to maintain your own kit, and spares such as barings are readily available. You can switch the freehub body to suit either Campag or Shimano/SRAM so are more attractive if you sell them in the future. They have a good reputation for being pretty bomb proof too.

    I own Fulcrum 7's as winter wheels and they are well made and very solid, but pretty boring to look at and the freehub is almost comedy loud. The 5's may not share this trait, but worth considering.

    Finally, I run Campagnolo so couldn't possibly countenance the Ultegra's!!
  • ct4oc
    ct4oc Posts: 98
    just got a set of fulcrum 5s, lovely looking wheels, I can't wait to put them!