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It's a great list and an enviable problem to have.
Looking for a bike which can be raced in crits and also for long weekend runs for my lad (he's 14 and is entering his second year of competitive cycling) I have a wee bit spare cash so thought might spoil him is it worth it spending this sort of money on the list below is also a question I'm asking myself

I would be interested in what you think is teh best one to buy for performance the use and price. the first 4 can be sized and tried in the lcal bike shop the other 2 are from mailorder

the short list is as follows:

Scott 2010 Cr1 Comp £999 105/Tiagra
Giant 2010 Tcr Advanced 3 £1299 105
Pinarello FP1 £1100 Tiagra
The Boardman Road Team Carbon £999 SRAM Rival
Focus Cayo 105 Ltd 2011 £1099 105
SL Pro Carbon Rival £999 SRAM Rival

Would love to hear your thoughts on the right bike to buy or at least to narrow it down
I've thrown in teh Giant... though a tad over budget would the extra be warranted and really worth it?

Enough bikes to open a bike shop but always room for one more...