Pro-lite wheels...opinions wanted please!

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Hi, looking to upgrade the Alex S500's on my Allez and spotted the Pro-lite Luciano's and the more expensive Bracciano's ( forgive my spellings if they are wrong lol).
Would i notice a difference by fitting these wheels or would i need to spend a bit more??
What sort of weight would the bracciano's be complete with say a ultegra cassette and Mich Pro3's and does any one have an idea what the Alex S500's with 9 speed cassette( shimano but don't know what model) and vittorio rubino's are??
Sorry for all the questions but if i'm spending £££'s i want to get something that will make a noticeable difference.
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  • My mate got some Braccianos from Velo29 last year, and he prefers them to his Planet X 50s for the local chipper races. He told me the Braccianos were the lightest alloy wheel on the market (not sure if this is true or not though). And I've never used either of them myself :-)
  • I swapped the Jalco Dynamics 270 wheels on my Allez Elite 2008 to Planet-X Model B's for £100 and some Conti Gp4000s Tyres - huge difference

    The Brecciano have some great reviews and then run really smooth from what i have seen.
    Its just there aren't many reviews yet on their longevity/durability - but look great value at £170/£180