10 speed campag values?

Evil Laugh
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I'm not really a campag man so looking for a bit of help from those in the know.

I'm looking at buying 2 bikes shod with campag groupsets, I only want the frames so trying to find out what I could sell the groupsets on for.

1) 2008 centaur alloy compact groupset, perfect condition. Skeleton brakes.

2) record 10 speed carbon groupset, standard alloy chainset. Good condition.

Any ideas?

Was thinking maybe 250 and 300?


  • Smokin Joe
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    Centaur about a tenner, maybe £15 for the Record.

    PM me and I'll do you a favour, I'll take both off your hands for twenty.
  • mrushton
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    Alloy? Old hat now. Its carbon,carbon and more carbon. Not BB30? pitiful. you need to pay us to take them off your hands. Tell you what. I'll cover the postage and you just send them to me
  • Evil Laugh
    Evil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    Keep it going and I'll use this thread to get the price down with the owners. Sounds
    like it could be so old hat they'll have to just give me the frames to get rid of all the stuff attached.