im a larger cyclist ??

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im a fairly large bloke and considering buying a new road bike for summer use, im 6ft 4" and weigh over 20 stone, im of a muscular build.. :lol: , i have £500 to possibly £700 to buy a bike that would suit someone of my stature, this would be used mainly for rides on a sunday with friends and for commuting to work in the summer months, im new to cycling having bought a mountain bike for commuting to work and a cheap road bike which will now be used as a winter bike. can anyone suggest a few bikes that would be acceptable for my stature and budget,
many thanks


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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
    Try doing a search under 'weight' or similar because if I remember, there have been similar discussions recently.
    From my own experience of that kind of budget, you could look at somewhere like Ribble Cycles for starters.
    I think at your weight, it'll be a case of getting some sturdy wheels.

    Good luck.
  • I started the year at 19+stone
    Now at 16.5
    Spesh Allez worked for me
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    Hi there

    Using weight as a search criteria brings up a load of threads on bike and component weight. Using "stone" for us old imperial dinosaurs brought up the following thread that you might find helpful. ... ight=stone

    The guy there was looking at a hybrid (Specialized Sirrus) and generally was being encouraged to go for it.

    However if you want a drop bar option you could get the Sirrus then convert it later to a drop bar. Alternatively you could consider the Spesh Allez as suggested above. It has the same Alu frame as the Sirrus but is kitted out as a true road bike. For your budget you could just about squeeze an Allez Elite. ... 6903&rs=gb

    But if not the the Allez 16 is a bit cheaper ... gn=froogle

    Only slight problem is that the Allez comes with a double crank and you might want the benefit of a triple as you start your campaign back to fitness. In that case the Sirrus would do the job and you could add some drop bars and shifters later.
  • cheers for the suggestions, everywhere i look i come to the same conclusion that specialized allez is the way to go :lol: , i dont need the triple, even tho i weigh over 20st im actually very fit, gym 5 days a week and also play ice hockey in goal for 2 teams as well as my commuting to work now and again on my bike, so think double is the way to looks like i'll be off for an allez after xmas :D
  • Might sell you mine. as fancy having a customer Condor built up
    Drop me a PM if you want more info
  • really want to buy a new bike (warranty etc) but thanks for the offer, evans have 2010 spesh allez 16 at only £389.99 :shock: , so went to local evans bike shop (had non in to look at :cry: ) but seen a cannondale caad8 sora, looks really nice, evans want £549 but im sure they price match :?: someone on the internet has them at £479 :P i know its a triple and i really dont think i'd use a triple but its in my size 61cm.....i think its crying out to me............dont know what to do
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    Triples are fantastic when you find yourself in hillier territory. Doubles are for racing or lightweight pedal dancers (many of whom will fit a compact for alipine jolly duties!), for everyone else there's compacts and triples.
  • Try and get yourself Tiagra, the Sora shifters have a thumb button that I would hate to have in the way of my hands.
    Maybe its just me but when I ride the hoods the button would compromise my hand positions

    PS My bike is only a few months old so would have warranty etc