A bike for all days???

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I'm currently in that lovely position of choosing my new steed. Have 2k to spend and the choice is mind blowing, I'm desperatly trying to be sensible and not run off and buy the prettyist carbon race bike (Struggling though)

I need the bike to be a jack of all trades really. No commuting as I walk to work but will use it for evening and weekend blasts of up to 50 or so miles, but also and heres the issue, a bit of c/card touring to Paris in the spring with the mrs.

I'm fairly fit and can average decent speeds hence i'm drawn to something like the Cube Agree GTC but maybe need the ability to carry some stuff on it for a couple of days......

An Enigma Extensor seems perfect but its out of my price range...

Any thoughts??


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    With 2k to spend, why limit yourself to just one bike?

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    This is a good point! However I'm buying via the cyclescheme so am only allowed one!
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    Given you won't want to tour without mudguards, I'd go for something Ti with sufficient space from Van Nicholas, Sabbath or Enigma. £2k will be plenty. My Airborne Carpe Diem weighs about 1500g for the frame which is plenty light enough, but I can still load to the gills with luggage.

    Mind you not the absolute stiffest for sprinting if you're a powerful type.

    Mate has a Cube Agree Pro and loves it but he rides my old Scott in the winter!

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  • robz400
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    The Enigma ti frames look fantastic. Just contacted their local dealer to me and they can get the frame in and custom build the bike to 2k. If it goes slightly over I can buy the extra bits separately ;-)

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    robz400 wrote:
    This is a good point! However I'm buying via the cyclescheme so am only allowed one!

    Cyclescheme doesn't limit you to one bike :wink:
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    Enigma make beautiful bikes.
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    custum steel?
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    I have a bike that fits the bill. Dolan Dual. Great carbon frame with space for mudguards. Had mine a year and its great. Got mine on cyclescheme from Formby Cycles.

    http://www.dolan-bikes.com/road-bikes/c ... Dolan-Dual
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    I have a September. Its a pleasure to tour/train or bomb around on. With 2k you'd get a nice spec, with 2 sets of wheels one light weight one general purpose. Truly a bike for all days or seasons.
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