Sidi shoe sizing

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Does anyone know from experience what Sidi shoe size is equivalent to a 43 in Specialized BG Pro? (I found the SWorks come up a bit small and I'd take a 44) I'm also a 43 in Shimano, Northwave and Lake shoes.

Local opportunities to try any Sidi on are non-existent.

Sidis I'm interested in are Ergo2/5.5/6.6 i.e. all the expensive ones :roll:


  • fleshtuxedo
    fleshtuxedo Posts: 1,853
    Apologies - I just used the search function and the concensus seems to be to go up to 44.

    Please only take the trouble to answer if you don't think a 44 would be right.

    I'll do it the right way round next time :oops:
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    My 45s are normal size and i'm not aware that Sidis are smaller in a certain size than any other brand but going by other Italian makes in clothing, they could be.

    Also be aware that in the half sizes, the difference is in the length and not the width. Sidicafé confirmed this for me.
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    I'm the same in my Shimanos, Northwave and my Sidis...all 45s
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    My shimanos are a 44 and my Sidi's are also a 44.
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    Not BG Pro, but I wear size 43 BG Tahoe commuter shoes and size 44 Sidi road shoes (Genius 5 Pro and Ergo 2).

    The Sidis are slightly bigger I'd say (or at least, longer) but a 43 Sidi was too small for me. I did wonder about 43.5 but have never tried one.

    I have weird feet though (wide at toes, narrow in the middle and heel - my street shoes range from size 8 to size 10!) so take my advice with a pinch of salt.
  • sungod
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    i take 46 in bg s-works road shoe

    i just got some sidi shoes (the hydro winter ones), also in 46

    overal size seems the same (using the same footbeds in both pairs - bg blue)

    but the sidi heel cup seems wider at the top vs. the specialized

    so imho get the same size
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  • My spesh shoes were 44 and i went up to a 45, sidis are quite narrow, but very comfortable