Running 8speed Campag on a 9/10 cassette body

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I'm currently looking into my next project.
Basically last year I had a 653 frame resprayed and refurbished (a 1991 Cougar built by Terry Dolan) and the bike setup for the Old Skool TT series in pretty much it's original setup of 7speed.

Now this race series appears to have mainly fallen by the way side, I'm thinking I've got a great bike just sitting there doing nothing so, as usual in the winter my thoughts turn to bike projects. I figure the most cost effective way to do this is utilise some 8 speed parts I've got knocking about including a decent set of wheels.

However, as always with these initial plans, thoughts turn to what other trick bits will fit the style & theme of the bike so I've thought about getting a newer set of Campag wheels for the bike, such as the newer style Shamals. My idea is to fuse modern looking wheels with a classic svelte tubed frame.

Bit of a long way round to ask a simple question but basically I need to know how easy is it to get an 8 speed cassette to fit a 9/10 Campag hub?

Thoughts? Any help much appreciated.