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Rear shock spring query

ScoobsterScoobster Posts: 363
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Need to put a heavier spring on my Patriot and wondered if I could get away with put a 500 x 2.25 on instead of the 450 x 2.0? Would I get away with the extra .25 or should I just stick with the 2.0?
It is on a 190mm e2e Manitou 3 way Swinger if that helps?

Don't really want to buy something and then find out it is no use


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    what make of spring?
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  • Not really sure yet. The reason I ask is because there seem to be alot more options (springwise) in 2.25 than in 2.0.

    Is there a big difference in Spring makes then?

    What would you recommended? Can't really afford to go to Ti at the minute either
  • As long as you go 2.0 or higher you'll be ok as this is the travel of the spring, BUT, more importantly will be the free length of the spring, as you go up in travel you'll also go up in length and you might not physically be able to fit the spring in your shock, I'm sure 2.25 will be fine and probably some 2.5's but 2.8 would probably be too long, you won't get more travel, you'll just have a longer spring. I got a Manitou 500x2.25 to replace my 450x2.0 in a 200mm shock and it fits easily, free length is 128mm.
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