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It's come to that time of year when I'm thinking of spoiling my biking partner (a 2009 via nirone 7) and I saw some goodies on the website (reparto corse branded FSA kit). I just wondered if anyone had any experience ordering from there and how it rated, such as security, postal times etc.




  • don't know about delivery times or security, but I looked at a t-shirt on the Bianchi website. It was a reasonable 22 euros, but 40 euros incl p&p. Didn't bother in the end
  • Never bought anything as it all seems to be to expensive compared to buying the same over here.
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  • I've bought technical clothing from the site, the cost of the product seemed ok but the cost of postage was savage, still I knew before I ordererd so no compliant really. Packaging was fine, came in a big box and I had no problems with the money side of things. Delivery was slow compared to: Wiggle, CRC PBK etc. I think it took just over a week to arrive.

    I later found out that a local bike shop, (Overburys) had a selection of the stuff, including what I wanted) in stock!
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