Fudge Cycles

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Fudge cycles have very good SRAM prices any experiences just curious before taking the plunge??


  • galatzo
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    Had a Force set.
    Advised exactly when it would be delivered and it was.
    Cheapest out there to.
    What more can you ask for.
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
  • MickTup
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    Looks like the way forward then
  • Dan_K
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    Got a chain and cassette from them.

    SRAM cassette was the cheapest I could find (£35). Delivered as promised so was very happy!
  • Pokerface
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    MickTup wrote:
    Looks like the way forward then

    Fudge are well-known for their Sram prices. I'm sure *some* people have had problems with slow delivery, but in general they are spot on for service and prices.
  • bought a full Rival groupset from them, good service
  • MrIP
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    Very good service, super prices and very nice to talk to. They also return calls.

    Just purchased a Sram Red deal from them.

  • They are my LBS, I can't vouch for delivery though as I walk there. I would recommend them but they hear ker ching when I walk in so that might be why I get attention even when busy :P
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    Bought a few bits and they deliver quickly and SRAM prices I haven't seen beaten.
  • ilm_zero7
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    Fudges - were good to me when things went wrong just out of warranty - cant fault it
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  • I bought a set of SRAM Al 30 race wheels from them and had a spoke pop after 2 months. Took them back to Fudge but couldn't get the shop to sound interested in helping me get it fixed (although they were completely honest about the difficulties that they would have getting parts etc).

    Having said that I've never heard of anyone else who has had poor service from them and my unhappyness was just caused by the differrence between what they could do for me (2 months to order the new spoke!) and what I wanted.

    I still wouldn't hesitate to go there for a groupset though as components for them are much easier to come by.