Value of red over force

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I'm looking for a groupset for my CAAD9, I have everything else already now the question is this:

Is red worth £230 more than force?

Either option will be with the red cassette as it is supposed to be more durable, this isn't including the brakes or chain as i've already got those. So the main concern is the crankset, mechs and shifters.


  • softlad
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    Force is already a very light groupset, so it depends if you think £230 is worth the additional weight saving or not - functionally, the groups are the same...
  • mrwibble
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    I am very happy with my 2010 Force groupset, the double tap is awesome
  • Scrumple
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    Red is better, but £230? Yes if you want the best, and to be seen with the best.

    I find the red shifters are sharper, but it is no deal breaker. The cranks are deffo better, but only marginally and I prefer the look.

    Rear mech is better, and ceramic. The front mech is not better, although lighter.

    The pro's often switch the Ti cage on the front, and have a custom force steel one fitted on the red chassis for less flex and more reliable shifting.

    Also, the 1070 cassette is supposed to be better in the muck, so is often used on poor surface races.

    I'd say for what you want it for, yes, as those are the bits it is good on. You could save by swapping the front mech and be no worse off but a few grammes. I have Force and Red on the 2 bikes I own so I can say this with real experience.
  • MrIP
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    Agree very much with Scrumple however I used Force chainsets on my bikes as I prefered the look, only 31 grams difference.

    What ever go to Fudge they are the best for Sram, but save some for me !

    Hope this helps

  • Pokerface
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    I use a mix and match of Red and Force on my bikes. As Scrumple said - depends if you want to 'be seen' with Red. Performance and weight wise - they are so similar that you probably won't notice the difference.

    If money is no object, the go for Red. But if you'd rather upgrade your wheels or something else (and don't care about the 'bling' factor of Red), stick with Force.