Rear mech compatibility

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I am finding a 50/34, 12-27 (Sram Rival) setup does not give me low enough gearing for my creaky old knees. If I swapped out the 50 for a 46 large ring would I be able to fit the new Sram Apex 11-32 cassette without having to get a longer rear mech?


  • Largest Cog: 28 teeth
    Chain Wrap Capacity: 31 teeth

    so no.
  • manglier
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    Not quite sure I understood your response ride_whenever.
    Got the bike fitted with 50/34, 11-28 which gives chain wrap as 33, the same as 46/34, 11-32. Please tell me where I am going wrong.
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    the issues is the largest cog size.
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    You need the Apex rear mech for anything bigger than a 28 sprocket otherwise the upper jockey wheel hits the cassette - its down to physical incompatibility rather than the 'capacity' of the gear system - the distance to the upper jockey wheel is bigger on the Apex mech, akin to an MTB gear mech.
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