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Not so free Bonty freehub body

dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
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I am trying to remove a scew on freehub body from an old Bonty rear hub circa 1999/2000 as there is a fair amount of play in it. The freehub body seems welded onto the hub as no amount of turning even with a socket and T bar with 12mm socket Allen key going into the free hub body won't shift it while locking the wheel to stop it moving. Even cursing and swearing has no effect. I've removed other freehub bodies in the past with no problem, but this one is proving very stubborn.

I'm even worried about knackering the wheel owing to the force I am using on the T-bar to try to loosen it. It is a hand built wheel with DT s/s plain spokes. But if the freehub body won't come off then I guess it is ultimately curtains for the wheel. The hub itself and bearings plus the rim are still in very good condition and plenty of life left despite having covered only about 15k miles commuting. I suppose it is new hub and wheel rebuild time. £££££.

So anyone got any suggestions as to how I can get the freehub body off?

And is it possible to still get Bontrager freehub bodies as I seem to be drawing blanks in my search or can one fit a Shimano Deore instead - but which one?

Any help much appreciated.
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