Garmin 800 perf & nav - where to buy?

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Wiggle were selling it for £450, with platinum discount I could get it under £400 - but I have just had the following response from Wiggle:

"The Garmin Edge 800 is the most eagerly anticipated and must-have cycle product this Christmas and demand is significantly out-stripping supply. Every delivery of stock that we have received of the Edge 800 so far has sold out within days of arriving. We currently have no stock available to sell and fear that if we put the Edge 800 on site, we are likely to take more pre-orders than we are able deliver before Christmas. In order to manage your expectation, and ensure that all customers receive the extremely high level of service that Wiggle have become known for, we are not taking orders on the Edge 800 at present."

I have spoken to Handtec who are selling it for £393 and they said:

"We have been told by Garmin that it is not out until next year and all they have sent are a few trade models to shops"

When I explained that other shops had been selling them, they were very surprised!

Probikekit, Chainreaction and Amazon have it all in for about £450 - does anyone have it for closer to £400 that people know about?