It might be a bit cold outside when...

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... you lose feeling in your toes at 830 in the morning and don't get it back until 8 or so hours later takes a chisel to get mud off the bike instead of a brush

...the water you use to clean your bike has frozen to the frame by the time you've been over the whole thing once

Just for starters from riding today, anyone else got any?
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  • The contents of your water/juice bottle on your frame has turned into a 'Slush Puppy' within 15 minutes of your ride!
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  • You have ice hanging off your face, because your eyes teared up on the downhill sections.
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    crashing through the stream in the local woods now involves crashing through thick, shin gouging chunks of ice.

    up in the alps on a board at -16 degrees was fun.
    frozen solid water bottle, not even slush, full on brick of ice.
    the feeling of ice crystals forming up your nostrils and on the beard.
    seeing glitter in the air around you, then twigging it's little bits of ice floating around.
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    You're riding along the side of the reservoir and you hear a creaking noise and realise you're actually riding ON the resevoir :oops:
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  • phal44
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    Yeah I had some fun last night

    My brand new Mud-X tyres arrived so I fitted them to go out on a ride and found that all the mud was solid lol :| that and a tractor had driven up through the mud so I had to ride over frozen tractor track prints in the mud! Then I had to ride over lots of frozen footprints in the mud! Was very glad I had upgraded my forks this summer lol :|

    Toes took an hour or two to return to normal after 1.5hrs of ride :|
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    You discover that bedding in new pads is sometimes harder than normal

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    ... you get that beautiful crunch of frozen mud and leaves under your tyres that for some reason sounds better the faster you go.

    Just remembered from early this morning!
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