Maxxis Coumbiere tyres?

Waynenio Posts: 231
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Can anyone give any feedback on these from personal use? They are very well priced, and have good media reviews.
Said to be great in wet and cornering and very quick, but bad for puntures.

Looking at some new race tyres and I already run on my bikes: Vittoria Open Corsa CX's Clincher (rate!), Vittoria Rubino Pro III Clincher (Rate for training). Conti Comp Tubs (rate, but CX's are better). Don't like Conti range apart from Comps and Sprinter Gatorskin as I find them a re very harsh ride and not great for me trusting them descending. Love the vittorias as they are supple, quick and very grippy.

Am considering buying either Vittoria Diamante, Maxxi Columbiere, Vittoria Open Corsa KX, but know little about any apart from general reviews.

Hope someone can help. To be fair for £40.00 for the pair, they may be worth taking the hit on even if they are crap.

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