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? Noisy SRAM rear derailleur

col.sarahcol.sarah Posts: 38
edited December 2010 in Workshop
Just got my new CR1 with Full SRAM FORCE group.

Noticed that the chain is quite noisy.

On further inspection it appears to be coming from the jockeys on the rear derailleur. It really is quite loud. The shifting is smooth and well aligned.

I rang EPIC and they said this was normal with SRAM groups. Just used to complete silence with my 105.

Is this noise normal?




  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    col.sarah wrote:
    Is this noise normal?

    Without knowing exactly how loud it is..... yes it is normal.
  • fleshtuxedofleshtuxedo Posts: 1,841
    +1 mine is noisy as well, dammit. Definitely louder than Shimano or Campag. A kind of clicky every-link-of-the-chain hum.

    No problem though.
  • Yes thats a great description....

    Clicky on every chainlink.

    Much less noticeable when you are riding it.
  • Have you tried adjusting the small screw that pushes against the derailleur hanger? I think Shimano call this "B-tension" screw.
  • geebee2geebee2 Posts: 248
    It's a bit better when the chain is well lubed.

    But otherwise sounds like the normal SRAM noise.
  • new jockey wheels/chains are always a bit noisy.

    Stick a new chain and wheels on your 105 bike and it'll get a fair bit louder!
  • Yeah it's quitened down and could not really hear it out on the road

    Thanks everyone
  • mangliermanglier Posts: 841
    Spent ages chasing the same problem on my Rival setup - it's the chain drying out! Try using a well worked in general purpose automotive grease instead of cycle specific grease/lube. It makes for a MUCH quieter drive-train but, because it will attract more dirt than a wax/dry lube, you have to re-grease at least twice as often (more often in winter).
  • I have SRAM Red and Ultegra, and the Ultegra is much much quieter. SRAM is just a nosier groupset.

    I changed the SRAM chain to a KMC SL, in the summer, and that made things a fair bit quieter.
    It doesn't get any easier, but I don't appear to be getting any faster.
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