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Campy power torque/BB query

furragfurrag Posts: 481
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Picked up a 2007 Cervelo Soloist frame and will be doing my first bike build with Campag's 2011 Centaur.

It's English thread, and takes a 1.37" x 24tpi bottom bracket. When shopping for groupsets, the power torque outboard cups such as this from Ribble only come in threading, rather than sizes.

Is it really as simple as; select thread > twist cups on > fit chainset > tighten?

Parker international website states no special tool is required - is that even to tighten the cups?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Road frame BBs are a standard width ( unlike MTB ones)

    you will need a External BB tool. I recommend the Park BBT 9

    how to fit ... tra-torque

    scroll down.

    Oh and if the BB has not been faced please get it checked and done if needed.
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  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Great pictorial links - ta, Nick.

    Some further reading (from Campagnolo) is suggesting rather than using that tool to tighten the cups, hand tighten them and use the low-strength threadlocker, Loctite 222.

    I'm used to seeing videos of tools which could have been used to make Edward Scissorhands in bottom bracket installation videos, so using only your hands and a large hex to install the cranks seems unnerving!
  • Don't know anyone yet who's had long term success with the Loctite and hand-tightening of UT cups method, but you may have different experience! The cups come with some threadlock compound already on them, but I still do mine up *reasonably* tight with the tool.

    Otherwise, they really are that simple. Just go nice and easy doing the crank hex bolt up initially to make sure the Hirth joint splines are lined up before you lean on the wrench too hard.
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