Is a Virtual Turbo Trainer worth the cash?

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So I am thinking of buying a turbo I can link up to my PC / TV.

Off to France next year for the first time, so thinking that this may be a good way to get some prep in before the better weather comes around. The problem is they are expensive, but I am looking at something like the Tacx I-Magic Virtual Reality Turbo Trainer.

The question is, is it worth it or am I better off sticking to the traditional turbo/gym bike?


  • have an i magic - its great especially the real time video features and ergotrainer videos - but you will need a decent PC to run it with a dedicated graphics card

    and yes so much better than a gym bike - you put a real bike on the machine, so all the geometries are right - I have the steering rack, but would give that a miss with hindsight
  • Tonymufc
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    I have a virtual turbo trainer.

    I virtually never use it. :lol::lol::lol:
  • Hi Grifteruk,
    Am thinking of buying a Turbo VR Trainer as well. Looking at the Tacx i-Magic and the Tacx Fortius although after reading several reviews spending a few hundred quid more on the Fortius is not worth it,
    Will therefor probably go for the i-Magic.
    Have seen it at Rutland Cycles for £469.99
    Let me know if you've seen it anywhere cheaper.
    Hope my comments were helpful and good luck.
    PS.nice bike you've got by the way. I've got a cannondale six which is also lovely.
  • amaferanga
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    PowerTap plus a cheap turbo would be a better option IMO.
    More problems but still living....
  • Valowitz, looking at wiggle I think if you buy it this weekend with the 20% discount you'll get it for under £450.00. Maybe worth a look.

    Cheers for the comment on the bike - it's a sod to keep clean tho !
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    amaferanga wrote:
    PowerTap plus a cheap turbo would be a better option IMO.