Ribble road/audax bike

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HAving had my road bike stolen (a 2nd hand gt 3.0) I am looking to replace for around £500, and the various ribble bikes look very good value.

I am not sure however on the actual differences between their standard road model and the winter/audax (apart from mud guard space and pannier mounts). I will probably be mainly using it for sportive type things and would like the possibility of some touring, and also might be involved in a cycle around England late next year so was wondering if the audax one would be better for long distances.

The prices seem fairly similar with the components virtually identical (as far as I can see), and also whether it is worth going for the special edition over the most basic model.

Thanks for any help/advice, if there are other bikes at around this price that people would recommend would be interested in those as well.


  • Yep, I'd get the WInter one if I were you.

    I believe they are exactly the same frame except for the guards and the mounts so sounds ideal for what you mention.
  • I've got one and use it for everything including sportives.

    And its ace.

  • Tonymufc
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    I also plan on getting one after Christmas through cyclescheme as my new winter trainer. I plan to max the voucher out and have the best as I can afford on it. A friend also has one and he can't speak highly enough of it. cracking bit of kit at a good price.
  • Definitely sounds good, now just need decide whether I can justify getting the special edition (tiagra rather than sora for £50 more).