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Hi there,

I'm thinking of buying a bianchi via nirone this year but I'm wondering what size will suit me best. They have 50/53/55/57. I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall so I'm thinking I will probably need the biggest size. Any tall people out there riding this bike?



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    I find that in Bianchi's you need to use a "size" (ie. number) that's one larger that an average frame. I noramlly fit a 58 in specialized for example, however I'd need the 61 in Bianchi.

    At 6'2" Id have thought that the 57 would be too small for you. I'm 6'4" and the 61 is right for me so you should probably try the 61 and maybe the 59 as well.
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    I am 5ft10 and have a 55 so I would say 59/61 for you - but you need to try them first to be sure!
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  • hmm. I'm in japan and when I look at the bianchi site, they don't even list anything beyond 57. does that mean i can't even order a larger size here? I guess i might be out of luck, at least for bianchi.
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    Sammyw23 wrote:
    I am 5ft10 and have a 55 so I would say 59/61 for you - but you need to try them first to be sure!

    I also have a 55 but im only 5ft 7......

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    i'm six foot one and ride a 59 and it's perfect.
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    Oh... Go on then....

    6ft on a 55cm frame (Bianchi Via Nirone 7*).

    It depends on so many factors of course! I'm aware of 6 footers on frames anywhere from 53 -> 57cm on BVN7s*

    A 57cm *may* suit you fine.... or it may not :)

  • I'm 5' 6" and ride a 53cm via Nirone
  • 6' and ride 57cm
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    Another 6 foot on the nose and ride a 57cm. I would think a 59cm would be your starting point., but you do really need to try before you buy.
  • I'm 6'2" and bought a Via Nirone back in May. Great bike, bought the 59cm frame which fits fine but I have short(ish) legs. Try a 61cm also. Definitely take a couple out for a ride and try them though.