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Has this scratched my Fox Fork stanchion?

nick1962nick1962 Posts: 156
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Just done a seals service on my 2008 Fox Float 120 as per the guide on here ... fork-25020
Pretty straigtforward,thanks.
I noticed a couple of light wear marks on one of the fork stanchions which are in line with what seem to be metal strips (6 of them I think ) on a sort of 2 inch plastic ring below the foam seal in the fork lowers.Sorry ,forgot to take a pic. Is this the bushing?
Looks to me like two of these strips have rubbed against the stanchion causing the wear.Is this feasible?


  • Yep, stantions have worn, usually due to lack of servicing, how often they been serviced ?
    Be as well to strip them yourself and give them a bit of a service to keep them going as long as poss, they'll probly last a good while yet tho.
    Only propper fix is a new crown / steerer / stantion.
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