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I'm a newbie on this site so forgive me if I'm going over old ground with bike comparisons.
My current road steed is a 1989 genuine PDM team issue Concorde Squadra, still a very good retro ride .However now that my company has signed up to cyclescheme I can spend up to £1000 on a new bike I am conidering 3 options:
1. CAAD 9 105 Compact
2. Giant TCR alliance 105
3. I already have a new Guerciotti G45 (COLUMBUS AIRPLANE/CARVE) semi built with FSA SLK kit.
Do I go for the giant or the dale and sell the guerciotti and the the cash for upgrades or finish the Guerciotti and use the cyclescheme for something else, a new mtb maybe?


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    If you google CAAD9 you'll struggle to find anyone with a bad word to say about it. Superbly made bit of kit. Only problem you might have is finding someone who still has any in stock.

    Also worth a look at the Cannondale Synapse though. It has a more relaxed geometry, might be better if you do a lot of long rides and don't want a sporty down on the drops position all the time.
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