Week old Bike mangled in crash

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Typical, turning into my estate for the last 1/2mile of todays 3hr ride and the wheels go from under my leaving me and my week old winter bike skidding across the road.

Result - Road rash in exactly the same place as the last time i came off!, f*ked my winter tights, even more annoyingly the catch on my specialised shoes is bust (most comfy shoes ever had) and the shoes covers torn! As for the bike some how managed to mangle both bike hoods and levers, took chunks out of the bars and the gears aren't sounding too healthy with bike scratch done the frame. :x

I've got M&S home insurance, before i call them to ask does anyone know if this is likely to be covered under accident damage? If not i'm going to have to seriously consider other options!


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    I would have thought this is exactly what "accidental damage" covers- certainly is with my possessions insurance.
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    hi there

    May depend on the terms of your cover.

    Some insurance companies require you to specify certain items where you want cover "away from home". There is normally a limit placed on the pay out for these items and they need to be specified separately.

    In these circumstances bikes are usually included but if your bike is not listed for cover "away from home" they may use that as an excuse not to pay out.

    Grab your policy and read the small print.
  • It should be covered my m&s unless your bike is unnamed and cost more than 4K if you're on the most current t&c
  • Cheers guys, looking in the T&Cs it looks like it will be..just didnt want to register a claim for them to say no...otherwise she was going to find herself locked to the railings outside the local all night....!