Wireless Computer for £30-40 ?

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Mrs Mr Goo has asked what I want for birthday. So have said want bike computer.
But which is the best wireless comp' for £30-40? Dont want anything too complicated so looking on net it seems Cateye Strada would do the job. Is this any good? and is it easy to set up? or perhaps you know of better alternative.
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  • Bobbinogs
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    "the best wireless comp' for £30-40?"
    I can't say because I haven't tried any others. Worth using the search feature on this forum.

    "seems Cateye Strada would do the job. Is this any good?"

    "is it easy to set up?"
    Yes, piece of pish. Many (including myself) adhere to the logic of placing it on front of the left fork rather than the rear of the right to stop the sensor unit dragging in to the wheel but I haven't heard of this actually happening to anyone

    "perhaps you know of better alternative"

    Worth shopping around because there are always some good online deals.
  • I've had a cateye micro wireless for over three years and it has proved flawlesss - easy to set up and accurate too