8 speed front mech causing issues with 10 speed kit

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I've moved from 7 speed to 10 now.

It's a little tighter to set up. A little bit of slack in the rear mech cable and I've lost the first gear change. Anyhow, that is now sorted.

My chainset is a 9/10 speed, and the chain is a 10 speed. The front mech is an 8 speed, and is therefore quite wide. On the stand the bike takes a lot of effort to shift into the big chainring - almost as if I cannot adjust the high stop far enough out. It has worked fine with the wider 7 speed chain & cassette.

I'm pretty sure a 9/10 speed front mech will resolve the issue, has anyone else has seen this issue?


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    I assume the high stop is far enough out ? You could try pinching the inner side of the dérailleur in a bit, it should bend quite easily (probably not good practice). Also if it's a braze on you should be able to loosen the hex bolt that holds the mech and twist the mech out slightly. Again probably not good practice but will give you an extra mm.
  • sometimes when the bike is on the stand it is quite hard to change gear but when you get out on the road it is fine...
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    I am running friction downtube levers on my winter bike and decided to use a 10 speed rear cassette with 7 speed derailleurs.

    I had the same issue and couldn't get the front mech to work reliably so I reduced the spacer that sits between the faces of the front mech, if you know what I mean. This did improve the shifting but I considered it a bodge so I bought a new 10 speed front mech and now it's perfect.

    I was also running an old 7 speed rear mech this worked ok but I bought a new 10 speed anyway. Shifting is now 100%.
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    So it was less hard to shift when on the bike, but still an embuggerance. I dialled out the H screw about a turn and it worked alot better, but kept throwing the chain, there is a slight improvement.

    I doubt I can set it up correctly with the side plates the right distance from the chain, but I'll try....