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Any experiences of those cassettes that allow Campag spacing on Shimano free hubs. There is a huge amount more choice when it comes to wheels if I use a Shimano hub but I run 10 speed Campag. Not prepared to spend a fortune so a casstte seems the best way. Opinions please.


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    why not just change the freehub probably £40-60 then you can user campag cassettes, centaur ones are great and cost £40-50. simples!

    Marchisio or equivalent cassettes to do what you want are about £100 and the changing is not as slick.
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  • For 10 speed, just use a Shimano Cassette, I do this on one of my bikes and the shifting is flawless.

    The spacing difference is 0.2mm per shift. If you set up the shifting so the middle sprocket is spot on, the maximum 'error' is 0.8mm at each end of the cassette, which is taken up/ compensated for by the guide pulley.

    You just have to spend a little more time on setup, making sure the middle gear is alligned, but i've ridden 5000miles with this combination and only had to make a minor reajustment once.
  • or the cheapest fully compatable option; ... sette.html

    If i had not had a spare Shimano cassette, id have gone for this option.
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    Thats what I wanted! Excellnen!
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    Anybody used them?